Horne’s Gravee Gravy Enhancer


Back by popular demand!  Horne’s Gravee, gravy enhancer makes your sauces, soups and stews perfection.  This 340g package is great value and shelf stable.  Mix one tbsp with 3 tbsp cold water and add to your roasting pan drippings, directions on the jar.


(17 customer reviews)

17 reviews for Horne’s Gravee Gravy Enhancer

  1. norma westgard

    the best product on the market

  2. terpaq@hotmail.com

    Only gravy worth using
    Thank you for having it in stock
    Missed it so much!

  3. siggie.heinrichs@gmail.com

    I won’t use anything else

  4. John

    Truly the best!! So pleased it is available again.

  5. Jena

    Used it for years and when it was gone I was devastated. I searched everywhere with no luck. Tried others but they weren’t the same. My daughter searched also cause that was what she was brought up on and this year for Christmas she found it for me and bought me a bottle. I will buy a case to make sure I never go without again. I just love it.

  6. Felecia Vito (verified owner)

    I made a roast recently and used another brand and thought to myself I wish they still made my gravee mix by hornes. I just randomly looked online to see if maybe someone had old stock somewhere in the world and you guys popped up. I ordered four. I hope you always have this because I will forever order it. Thank you so much. I’m going to put my family on to your business. Looking forward to cooking thanksgiving turkey again <3 thanks again from Toronto

  7. Sam

    This is all I use. Tried others but no thanks. Why can I no longer find it in stores in Winnipeg Manitoba

  8. Taniya

    Thanks for bringing this back. You’ve made many families extremely happy. Many of us were pretty upset with it stopped being made.

    Recommend to market it as the best gluten free gravee if you want to sell even more!

  9. Taniya

    Thanks for bringing this back. You’ve made many families extremely happy. Many of us were pretty upset when it was no longer available.

    Recommend to market it as the best gravy ever that also happens to be gluten free if you want to sell even more!

  10. Christine

    OMG! I am beyond happy to see Horne’s Gravee Mix back! Thank you from all the life-long lovers of this mix. Nothing is the same (or as good) as this mix and I’ve searched high and low for a substitute. Ordered many already and have shared this with family who were as sad as I was when we couldn’t find it! We are all happy people again!

  11. Kim

    Horne’s Gravee is a family tradition we’ve used for many many years. Nothing better on the market…this is a staple every home needs. Thank you for bringing it back. I’ve a few bottles left of the 8 I bought, I’ll be ordering more soon!

  12. Debbie (verified owner)

    Thank you 🙏 I have been looking for Gravee for many years after is disappeared from the grocery store shelves! After using it for over 20 years, I was unable to find anything else that gave my gravy so much flavour! I bought a case when I discovered online at your shop. I have wonderful tasting gravy again so my family is very happy!

  13. linjo321 (verified owner)

    So glad it’s back. It has it all for gravy – flavour, colour, thickening. I have a bottle left and am ordering again. Haven’t tried it in soups but am going to as think it will work well in them.

  14. marlene (verified owner)

    I found this over a year ago and was ecstatic!! !I bought it immediately. A dream come true to have half dsecent gravy again. Thank you so much for bringing this back. This is the only one with true flavor. awesome!

  15. Helen Ouimet

    I am trying to find ” Horne’s Gravy Enhancer” . Do you have a distributor in the Montreal Qc area.
    Thank you so much for giving a follow-up to my request.

    • Angela

      We have the Horned Gravee back on stock. You can order online at http://www.greavesjams.com or in store.

  16. Vicki Simpson

    Best gravy around, my mom used it for years, I am 66 and it is the only gravy I have ever used, bought a case a few years ago, today I used the last of it, hoping it is available before Christmas, not sure what I will do if not, it’s the only way I know how to make gravy

  17. Patrick

    There is nothing as good for sure. I ordered 12, family and friends love ir

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